What are you NOT doing because of your health?

Raw HealthThink about that? Are you truly living your wildest dreams? Time, money, and health are the main reasons people don’t take action on things their heart desires.


My belief is that the health part influences the time and money part.  If you are firing on all cylinders, then your fullest potential comes into fruition.




Feel into that personal inquiry…what are you not doing, that you would do if your body and energy were up for it?



What actions are you not taking?

What adventures are you not experiencing?

What personal promotions are you not leaping on?

Where are you feeling a lack of confidence keeping you from stepping forward?



These are common problems and not to be taken lightly.

We are living in a culture that needs us to be unhealthy and disempowered, it’s an epidemic.  A serious one.

And I’ve got to say, one I am so happy to see a sub-culture of people, women in particular living their fully embodied, empowered, vibrant health.


However, there is a current to fight, and it’s not always easy.


It’s no wonder anytime you start make a change for the better, you get knocked backwards again. Something happens to set you back, or exhaust you into giving up…again.


Well not on my watch, and not in my community.


Back when I was in grad school at Goddard College, I told my advisor that my mission is to change this from the inside.  I worked in a gym where I could bring a fresh perspective right to the fitness floor.

It worked, sort of.  You know that feeling where you are the pegged outsider, the black sheep…yea, I do too.


That’s what it can feel like in your own body when your fully embodied, empowered self tries to step forward.

There’s so much muck of pre-programing, and cultural dis-empowerement IT IS HARD.


So that you, that is really you, shrinks back down again, onto the couch with the chips or ice cream for some Netflix and Chill, because what else rae you to do?


Something’s off and you know it.  But there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to turn to get the support your heart and soul know they need, and your body is screaming for!


Well, the wait is over.


We are creating a new conversation around fitness that isn’t about restriction or forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do, or reducing your sense of self to calories saved and muscle gained.


The way my clients have put it, the strong and flexible physique is just a happy consequence.


When you focus on what your body is truly trying to tell you, when you hone the skill of navigating your needs, when you allow yourself to BE MOVED, you start to align, your posture and your mood, your strength and your resiliency.  It FEELS good, so you keep moving, in ways that are nourishing not punishing.


THIS is a sustainable movement practice.

THIS becomes the stuff of your fully embodied personal empowerment, your vibrant health.

Sound good?


I know that for many people, this next week or so is when anything and everything gets put on the back burner because of the holidays.  I hear it over and over and over…”I can’t until after Christmas” (or New Years, or….)


The clock is still ticking, your heart is still beating, you still need food and sleep and yes…movement.

Your cells don’t wait.


I believe this is the BEST time to implement change.

Life’s rhythm is already disturbed which gives you the opportunity to make shifts more effectively.

You don’t have to wait.

If your cells are zinging as you read this, I encourage you to listen.

Tune into their vibe…take some deep breaths, allow yourself to be fully present with your body’s and your heart’s needs and desires.


What would you do if you weren’t held back?




Craving a community where movement is medicine,

where body practices are nourishment, not punishment?

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