What is hiding in your body that has you in lockdown mode?

Hey there lovely…

I was talking to a colleague this AM about this “inner work” thing and what it means. We both were saying how it is hard to describe what it is we actually DO, It was easy to say “I’m a yoga teacher” “I’m a personal trainer” “I’m a bodyworker” People understand those things.


What I saw in working with people’s bodies, is that there was a more subtle layer that was being affected. And that these people’s RESULTS kicked in when we tapped THAT layer.

So now…I’ve flipped the way I work with folks inside out.

We trace our way in to the subtle layer so we can be super specific and effective on how to use body practices (MOVEMENT!) to shift gears, flip switches, unlock tensions and energy that are on lockdown…

See, what happens is that these patterns are hiding below the surface, they zap your energy, they keep you running in loops that keep you from realizing your full potential.

When you have a mission, a big body of work, an opus, a book to write, a speech to give, a leveling up in general in life, this LOCKDOWN MODE will restrict that, and you need to free it up in order to fully experience the rewards of letting your YOU out!




Your sensations are the key to your body’s language.
They are the code to unlock your body’s wisdom.




MOVEMENT is the tool to create new grooves.

AWARENESS is the way to make the tool work to upgrade your body patterns, rather than further facilitate lockdown mode.

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