What it’s like to work with me 1-1

I am SO so sooooo inspired with my current clients right now!!!

They are all having major breakthroughs after having gone into their body wisdom and getting through some depths of the issues they came to me with.


I am currently taking new clients and realized that it is probably not clear what it is I actually DO with my clients.


This isn’t typical personal training, it’s not general life coaching, and it’s not therapy either (though it feels a bit like a mix between those!)


In working with me, I guide you through experiences that connect your conscious awareness to your body’s wisdom. 


I explain that in more depth in this 5 min video:


I guide you through body practices that help you: 


*Release tensions in your body and body stories that have been looping in your system.

*Realign your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for greater ease and energy

*Strengthen around that new alignment so it doesn’t take effort to maintain, gives you a resilient fuel, directly from your movement and muscles!

*And refine the whole process, honing your skills, getting more specific and subtle with the results you are getting



I was just reminding a client this morning that although I am totally here for her, that I will continue to guide her and help her develop her body practices, that more importantly… I am infusing her with the techniques, skills, and kind of awareness that will help her continue do navigate her health needs accurately and with ease for the rest of her life!


If you are tired of spinning your wheels, tired of inertia or lack of motivation, OR so FULL of motivation that it is time to ACT and be efficient and effective and BE MOVED…then we need to talk.


You can see more about this body of work here:

Embody Your Purpose



Got questions? Email me at admin@jessielucas.com! I’m here for you 100%



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