What’s lurking under the surface

“I can’t get started.”
“I’ve tried before.”
“Something else is going on.”


Have sayings like this looped through your mind before?  Maybe not these words, but think about it a second…if you pause and take a breath, you know there is something lurking under the surface that is keeping you from feeling how you want to feel in your body, in your very being.


It is part of the human condition to carry emotional scars, the physical and energetic imprints of your life’s events.  It’s how your body systems operate. It is not a mistake, it is a built in safety mechanism.


Your muscles, your body chemistry, your hormonal, and other biochemical patterns fire based on memory, based on experience. That is your emotional and kinesthetic INTELLIGENCE.


The problem is that all too often during a particular circumstance the emotion isn’t completed either because of overwhelm, resistance, or a protective shut down of the nervous system in the moment and those “firings” go haywire and operate on repeat even though they are no longer necessary.


Now your body systems are operating inefficiently.
And regardless of your attempts, you simply cannot make progress.


You are literally stuck in old loops.


The GOOD NEWS is that you can use awareness and conscious  movement to change these patterns.


Cool body operations like neuroplasticity help you literally shift gears from old patterns to the creation of new ones – new ones that are nourishing to your health, that create healthy body and emotional results, and that just feel good.


It is for this exact “lurking under the surface” issue that I am offering a “Movement & Energy Assessment”.


This is a powerful one-time-session designed to give you access to the underlying patterns that are ruling your emotional and physical health right now, do some effective in the moment shifting of gears, and create a unique-to-you movement blueprint to give you continued improvement and results.


This is one of the most overlooked pieces when it comes to setting yourself in motion and one of the most important things that is keeping us operating in ways that are depleting and perpetuate sabotage.


Want to see what’s included?

Go here: Movement & Energy Assessment


This is a small and powerful package that will be laser focused on what will make the most difference in having your body’s energy fuel you!

On this page you can see what is included and book your session.


This is a temporary offer and I’m only opening up a handful of spots.  I typically work with people in longer term contracts, so if you have been curious about this work but not ready for the commitment, THIS is the option for you, but it won’t last long!


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