With alignment…comes ease

Here’s a secret about your body’s alignment: the source of the pain is not the source of the problem.


with alignment comes ease


Let me give you an example.

If your neck and shoulders hold chronic pain, likely there is misalignment of some sort there. But that misalignment is the RESULT of an issue elsewhere, likely lower, like in the pelvis, or even the feet. If you can take a more distant view and sensing of your alignment, then you have a better chance at alleviating the pain.


When you can start restructuring your alignment from the foundations of any misalignments you create an ease throughout your entire body.  You no longer have to keep TRYING to “fix” your neck and shoulders (or wherever you feel a particular strain). It is alleviated effortlessly.


However it is not necessarily “easy” to see the true sources of pain when they are hidden so distantly from the sensations. Mindful movement practices help. Things like yoga, walking meditation, even a “conventional” workout done with awareness can provide the clues you need. Obviously so can a trained professional.


Look for seemingly distant causes and effects, feel how your fascia (connective tissue!) works in big mechanical pulls across the body.  Release tensions in one place to facilitate relief in another. Strengthen particular muscles to support shifting alignment for overall grace and ease.


When you create greater ease in the system all sorts of health benefits cascade from there including pain relief, less stress, more energy, better sleep, even other “unrelated” health issues can improve. Needless to say mood brightens, and your entire perception of yourself and others is uplifted.




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