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I help women develop an empowered and resilient body in order to support their passion, purpose, career, or creative work. 


After a decade and a half in both the holistic and traditional health & fitness industry, I’ve crafted a multidimensional approach to integrated wellness and I want to share this unique body of work with you.  

I’ve seen it all: “Try this, get fast results!” “Do this, and get that!” I have learned that there is not a single, all-encompassing answer, but rather a combination of scientific, physical, and energetic training will lead you to the place your body wants to be. I am here to help change your perspective…  

How do you feel in your body? 


Do you have a desire to feel better in your body but struggle to find the motivation to get started?  

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, trying to figure out where to even begin? 

Have you been hitting the gym, trying different fitness classes, trying different types of workouts, but it just isn’t feeling good? 

Are you moving and not getting the results you are looking for? 

Has a life change, injury, or health issue interrupted your rhythm and flow? 

Or is there a deeply-rooted sense of fear holding you back? 

Fear of injury, fear of failure, or old emotional scars that have been buried inside of you?  


Movement is emotional. When you move, it dredges up what has been sitting sedentary.  I am here to delve into those underlying emotional and energetic places that have wounded you and gotten you stuck.


Your body is a map of your emotional history – every move you make either drives the pain patterns in more deeply OR helps to unravel the tension and unleash your strength and vitality. Let me work with you to get your body moving in effective, efficient, and satisfying ways.


Here’s how:

I take a diagnostic approach to your body’s layers.  We’re talking nervous system, neuromuscular rhythms, neural grooves, proprioception, and physical & emotional alignment! I address the root causes that perpetuate old patterns keeping you stuck, and dismantle the blocks that are holding you back from feeling the way you want to feel in your body.


Explore the ways I can work with you and let’s get you where you want to be!



Embody Your Purpose 

A four month powerful container to take you through the Embodied Movement process: Release, Realign, Strengthen Refine


Event or Health Issue specific FOCUS package

A 4 session series designed to get you over the hump of a health issue, finally bust through that stubborn emotional block, OR prepare you in 100% authentically empowered you embodied presence for an upcoming personal or professional event!


Embodied Movement Mini Intensive 

A one time deep dive geared toward what your body and energy need most RIGHT NOW, complete with 2 weeks of e-follow up and a follow up session to make sure you stay on the right track!



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