You are not broken

Loves, it’s all about *ALIGNMENT*


We FEEL broken when things are OFF.
When we feel like something is missing.
When we are so beaten down and exhausted we feel like we MUST be broken.


Truth is: you are resilient beyond belief. 



THAT is what is broken. The belief.

The feeling. The lived experience.

Your experience is not aligned with your truth.





We have been inundated with this whole “change your mind” “change your perspective” magical life changing healing thing. And when you’ve tried to set your sights on how you want to feel and you STILL aren’t experiencing it, you start to feel even MORE OFF. 


And worse, witnessing others turning their health and life and success around.


Here’s the thing. We are embodied beings. We are kinesthetic. We have this amazing biological circuitry. And sometimes that power is SO strong it creates a limited container and that mind stuff can only stretch so far.


Stretch your BODY and your whole experience of your SELF EXPANDS. 


Your physical cells give the electrical impulses that command how you feel.


Your bio chemistry is the main ingredient of your felt sense of NOW.


I’m not saying we are limited to our physical experience, but that we cannot ignore it’s strong influence and that we MUST take responsibility for this.

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